In response to your question re the Davis programme, we have found it very beneficial for our son David. He did a one week course with Sue and he loved it.

Sue really helped him come to terms with the advantages and disadvantages of dyslexia and there was a marked increase in his confidence and academic self concept following the programme. Sue gave him strategies to help keep him focused on his reading and these strategies have been really helpful for him and for me, as we read and work together.

David loved doing the clay work with Sue, she celebrated and nurtured his creativity (unlike his school programme), she kept a really detailed diary of his progress and she gave me excellent guidelines and suggestions about how we could work together with the clay words and how to support his reading. Sue really catered for David's individual needs during their week together, she was extremely patient and kind with David and I found her to be an excellent teacher.

After the programme David was much more enthusiastic about reading, he was even keen to try to read the church hymns (something that he has never shown any interest in before!!) As you know there is lots of clay work to do with your child once the programe with Sue is over - this has become a really special time for David and me because he is so enthusiastic about making the words and I am learning so much about how he sees the world and how he pictures these words. We have only finished the programme a few weeks ago, and we have lots more clay words to make but I can see significant improvement in my son's attitude to reading, his confidence with reading, his word attack skills and most importantly, his self confidence and his knowledge about how he can help himself with his school work.

I guess from the above comments you can see that I highly recommend the programme, the philosophy underpinning it makes so much sense, and having the opportunity to work with Sue is a big plus.

David's (8 year old) mother email to a potential client's mother - June 09

I just wanted to write to thank you for working with me on such short notice. Your advice to 'play' with my tools has already made a distinct change in me. The Davis program has not simply helped my reading and writing but, has also helped wonders with my concentration, organization and, surprisingly even my posture. Having just completed the program under a week ago, I have felt the effects which seam to transplant change in me everyday. I am confident that this program will have a significant refining effect on me, and be with me the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

G Mc (25 years) - Sept 09

I don't think I can Thank Sue enough for the time she spent with me as my facilitator, and guiding me through the Davis program. This program has already had a significant impact on me and I know, it's only the start to this journey. Her kind, caring nature, shines through with the way she guides you through this course. Anyone that takes this course with Sue is very lucky. Even though the course was only for a week, it’s impact touched me for a lifetime. I will always be grateful.

Thank you again for making such big changes in my life,
John B.

Finding Sue was one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to us. My Fiancé finally discovered he had dyslexia after 38 years! The first time I spoke with Sue, she was warm, she was helpful, and genuinely cared. I had such a positive feeling right from the start and it was of no surprise the significant impact her expertise and guidance had on my Fiancé when he took the Davis program with Sue.

As an adult going through the program, tackling what had been a tremendous obstacle and mystery his whole life was not an easy thing for him to do. With Sue's remarkable intuition, compassion, and innate gifts, he was able to overcome challenges that he would never have thought possible the week before he met Sue. It is hard to find the words to capture our gratitude. She is truly wonderful!


E uses the focusing techniques from the Davis program and has found them to be very helpful for her. By the way, she is getting a 95% in her math this term and is happy to report that she really understands math this time around. She is taking a less challenging math program but still it is a pleasure to hear her remarks. There is a huge change in her organizational skills and her completion of tasks at school. This alone was worth her taking the course!

We still marvel over E's progress. Her report this term was all As and Bs, even in Math, Science and PE! It seems we intervened in just the right time for her and the results are delightful.

E's Grandmother

It took away the stress and tension. It made me more calm and it's easier to do things like school work when you are calm.

E (teenage client)

What I got out of the program is that I now know who I am. I overcame some things and now I feel good about myself. I have learned about what runs through a dyslexics brain and how we work. I understand myself now.

I went into the program thinking I would learn to read but I got so much more....

L (adult client)

A is going great guns. He has definitely made visible progress. I would love you to see the transformation in him. His Mother did all his trigger words with him at home and has taken photos of all of his words - he had completed the whole book before the summer vacation! We have been doing koosh balls with him at school and we do the reading exercises – he always uses all his focus tools.

He is a confident student now in all areas - he occaisionally struggles with some work but is like a different child. He is always smiling and is now not afraid to ask for help. I had been unsure how things would work for him going into high school but he really is holding his own! Both his parents and I cannot stop praising the program because it has had such a huge impact on him. Thank you!

A's Learning Support teacher - 18 months after the program

We are both absolutely thrilled with the changes so evident in X's behaviour and emotional responses since your Davis facilitation with her. She is so much calmer and much more reasonable in both her demands and responses. She listens and responds rather than react (or over react) as before. Our family life is far more peaceful and close family and friends have remarked favourably on how happy and mature X is these days.

This week was X's first piano lesson since the program and to quote the teacher "She just settled in and played 3 new pieces of music without any fuss or corrections. It's absolutely fabulous".

Sue thank you for your work with X, it has been the answer to my prayers – I believe it has been a totally successful Davis program. Again my deepest gratitude and appreciation.

J. O'B - X's mother 4 weeks after the Davis program (X did a basic reading and an additional ADHD program)

X has improved quite dramatically over this term. She is much calmer, more co-operative and her standard of work has risen. I have been really impressed with her improvements. Overall she is far more settled and happy within herself and it appears this has helped her learning (and retention of information). It is great to see her progress.

C.S. - X's teacher two months after the program

We had R's parent teacher interview this week and I think she was a little worried about this but it was quite the opposite. They (the teachers) all commented on how well she was working. They said she was sitting up the front of the room now which is great. Recently she had an English assignment and was feeling anxious about this, but when I spoke with the teacher she was very happy with her work and told me she had done very well. All her other subjects are going well too, she has gotten good marks in all of them! This is a real turn around from last year, which is fantastic. She seems to be building a confidence in her school work and everything is becoming less tiring for her at school. She is using her Davis tools at school – which is great.

A. (R's mother)